What this is about, and links to blog posts

This is to be a series of blog posts for the Christian believer whose beliefs are a little unorthodox, and who wonders how she or he might fit in to God’s family.

Below are links to each blog post.

1. About Me, You, and People Like Us

2. How a Non-Fundamentalist Can Love Jesus

3.  Why I Do Not Believe the Bible is Inerrant and Why That is Okay

4. God and Time

5. But It Isn’t Cool to Talk About Sin

6. Making Sense of the Cross

7. Shame Off You

8. Dead Man Walking, Eating, Passing Through Locked Doors

9. Heaven or Hell?


Note:  I have no control over the advertisements appearing on this blog.  I do not necessarily recommend the products or services of any of the advertisers.


Author: nonfundamentalistswelcome

I live in Alabama with my wife Burma, my dog Julie, and my two cats Diesel and Dart.

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